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Rauser Design
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Rauser Design


The client’s directive for durability and simplicity dovetailed nicely into the architect’s fixation with Dr. Joe Lstiburek’s concept of The Perfect Wall (also called The 500 Year Wall). This physics-based building-science concept pushes the air, vapor, and thermal control layers to the outside of the structure, eliminating the need for insulation in wall and roof cavities and allowing the structure to be expressed. The framing is shielded from the exterior extremes of temperature and humidity, which protects it for generations as if it were furniture. Responding to the building science and the projected longevity of the structure, the design uses a static, simple geometry and materials with long life-spans that age gracefully. Finish layers are reduced to their minimum: subfloor is exposed as flooring and ceiling, shiplap pine separates interior rooms, stair treads become bookshelves. The siting is a result of the surrounding heritage pecan trees as much as it is of the current and future neighborhood context.

Project Type: New Construction

Size: 1,450 square feet

Project Team: Eric Rauser, AIA; Rebekah Rauser