October 15th-16th 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Webber + Studio, Architects
909 Columbus Street

Webber + Studio, Architects



This new home was designed for a family of four on a small lot that appeared unbuildable given an enormous pair of Live Oak trees and their critical root zones. The resultant buildable area accommodated a pair of volumes connected by a spatial isthmus creating a barbell shaped footprint. The pair of inside corners provides diagonal views between a corresponding pair of outdoor zones: the public front and the private back corners of the site. The house reflects the personalities of the pair of owners. Plywood interior wall surfaces and stained concrete floors are warm and relaxed, reflecting her hard-working earthiness in contrast with his techy entrepreneurialism, reflected in the scrappy but resourceful ‘bar-code’ exterior siding pattern.

Project Type: New Construction

Size: 1,700 square feet

Project Team: David Webber, AIA